Laws on Marijuana

MICHIGAN: Commission Suggests No THC Limit for Drivers

A new study suggests that THC blood levels are not reliable enough to determine if a person is impaired so the Michigan state commission is suggesting it to not to be used in laws. They believe roadside sobriety tests are more accurate.

9 months ago
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WISCONSIN: Evers Announces Proposal to Legalize Medical Use and Decriminalize Possession of Marijuana

"I believe, and the people of Wisconsin overwhelmingly agree, that people shouldn’t be treated as criminals for accessing medicine that can change and even save their lives. [...] That’s among the many reasons I’m announcing today that it’s time for Wisconsin to join over 30 other states and the District of Columbia in legalizing medical marijuana and ensure access to CBD oil in Wisconsin."

10 months ago
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WISCONSIN: Evers Calls to Decriminalize Recreational Marijuana

Governor Tony Evers aids said, on Sunday (2-17-2019), he is ready to give Wisconsin's citizens the right to sell and/or carry small amounts of marijuana, as well as the ability to use it for medical reasons.

10 months ago
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NEW MEXICO: House Bill Moves forward to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

The bill to legalize recreational marijuana in the state of New Mexico has passed its first committee on Saturday (2/9/2019) by 5 to 2.

10 months ago
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ILLINOIS: First Bill Emerges This Year to Legalize Marijuana

This would allow up to 24 plants at home.
An Illinois state Democratic lawmake filed a bill to make recreational marijuana legal. It is probably going further than most other legislators favor, but it has at least started a debate over complicated legislation that will need to serve many interests to pass.

10 months ago
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