CBD vape pens

Inhaling CBD is the fastest, most efficient method of getting the active ingredients into your system. Depending on the concentration of the oil, how much you vape, and other variables, some users claim the feeling is instant, while others say it takes 5 minutes. 

When you vape, the CBD compounds enter your lungs and get absorbed through millions of alveoli and into your bloodstream bypassing your digestive system and liver. This means the CBD is immediately delivered into your bloodstream without losing any potency that it would while being digested.

Legally, we are not able to give medical/dosage advice for our products. CBD affects everyone differently depending on severity of condition, age, weight, genetics, tolerance, metabolism, circulation, and more, so the product and dosage that works best for each person, highly depends on the individual and their needs. We always recommend starting slow with small doses, seeing how CBD affects you after the first few days, and then going from there.

For more details on suggested dosing from our research, please view our blog article, CBD & Cannabis Dosing

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